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Why do we train handstands?

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

“What do you do for training?” “Well, I train handstands“ “Oh… Like… Just handstands?” “...Yes, just handstands...” “Hmm… But… why?” 🤔

This is a situation that might feel familiar to anyone that has been practicing this skill for some time. A situation and question that tends to be tricky to reply to.

First, most of the “normal people” don’t have a clear image of what is “to do handstands”, so it is impossible for them to come across any understanding of the reasons why people would commit hours and hours to be upside down.

Second, even if you already have an image of what is “to do handstands”, it could still not be completely clear what is the outcome of it.

Each one of these two topics will be most probably covered in future blog posts, but to give a brief overview let’s say:

- Handstanding at its core is simply learning how to stand on your hands with control. This simple definition could be branched out in two big families of handstands: Creating body shapes and transitioning between them without moving the hands; Being able to walk, jump or develop other strength movements using only the hands as a base of support.

- Most of the handstand progress and the physical benefits of it won’t generally come from practicing directly the handstands (surprise!), but from training exercises FOR handstands. This is true especially at the beginning as the body needs to be adapted and built up for the skill. Some of the fitness and mental benefits of this process can be: Body control and spacial awareness; Very specific strength and body tension; Flexibility and active mobility; Very specific upper body balance; Resilience to frustration; Focus and concentration.

These fitness benefits might influence people to start practicing handstands. But usually, they feel first attracted to the skill simply because of how crazy it looks, while the challenging and endless journey that is to improve in them is the reason we stick to its practice.

For some reason, some of us weirdos find that extremely addictive and fun.

Let me know down in the comments your thoughts on this topic!


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