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Kick up to handstand

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

While standing on our feet, our bodies are aligned in such a manner that our body parts are stacked one on top of each other. Feet on the ground, knees on top, hip on top, thorax on top, shoulders on top and head on top.

This is an efficient way to stand, as our bones do most of the work and our muscles need to use less energy to hold our weight and maintain us there.

The exact same principle applies to a handstand, where our body parts are also stacked on top of each other. But in this case in an inverted way. So first hands, then elbows, then shoulders, then thorax, then hips and then knees and feet.

The key to learning how to enter a handstand lays in understanding how to transition from being staked “upside up” to being staked upside down. And realizing that the order in which we re-stack our joints is very important.

What I have found as a very common error that beginners fall into, is that they try to enter the handstand without stacking their joints in the correct order.

So having the hands on the ground, they try to kick-up or jump and bring the hips high without having placed the shoulders first in the right place. If the shoulders are not placed correctly on top of the hands at the beginning of the movement no amount of energy will bring you up into a handstand, as the thorax, hips, and legs might be stacked on top of the shoulders but not on top of the hands… which happens to be the base of support of your entire body.

The way to correct this issue is by making sure prior to jumping or kicking-up that the shoulders are already on top of the hands. If placed correctly, we should feel a certain amount of weight on the hands, and we should be able to already push with the fingers against the floor, in preparation to receive our weight.

Correcting this single issue can take a total beginner, in a single session, from not being able to kick-up to a wall to be able to stand on their hands.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Any other handstand thing you'd like to read about? Just write it down in the comments!


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